diy tartan crop top

I'm so proud of myself for making my first pattern {with paper and everything, not just eyeballing a design and hoping for the best}. I used a sweater I have as a template and adjusted the arms and length to make this tartan crop top using the fabric I had leftover from this kimono cardigan I made a few months ago.


afternoon with fashionABLE

I woke up this morning to an early phone call from my DirectTV installer letting me know that he'll be at my apartment in 15 minutes. It took almost that long to explain how to find my apartment, and by the time I had stumbled to the bathroom and washed my face, he was at my door.

He wasn't able to install my dish this morning, so instead I've been enjoying the rain in the confines of my living room wrapped in my new scarf from fashionABLE and watching Netflix. It's more of a wrap than a scarf, absolutely gorgeous heavy-weight white cotton and embroidered with a pattern of cobalt, terracotta and Kingfisher blue. This particular scarf is called Eden, named after one of the Ethiopian woman that fashionABLE works with.

Eden Scarf
{via fashionABLE}

All of fashionABLE's products are named in this matter - after the women who use the sale of these stunning scarves, bags and accessories to support their families through a sustainable business. The mission of fashionABLE is:

"To create sustainable business for Africans so they aren't dependent upon charity, but instead earn the dignity of a job. We offer opportunity to everyone, with a primary focus on empowering women. When we invest in a woman, statistics demonstrate that she will have a life-changing impact on her family and community... and herself."

I had the chance to spend an afternoon volunteering with the organization this weekend. I met the company's founder, Barrett, and his nine-year-old daughter Howie at the fashionABLE offices on Saturday afternoon. I was immediately struck by a colorful wall of scarves, all hand-woven by women in Ethiopia using 100% Ethiopian cotton.

As more volunteers arrived, he spoke to us about the process of sorting through the new shipment that just arrived and getting it ready for sale through both fashionABLE's website and the many merchants that they work with. We spent the afternoon counting inventory and inspecting each product to ensure that each scarf's quality met fashionABLE's standards. I had so much fun laughing with the group and learning about the company and my new city.

Alem Scarf
{via fashionABLE}
Not only does fashionABLE create stunning products, but they also require manufacturers to employ women with fair wages and a fair hiring practice. Different from companies like TOMS, who donate a pair of shoes for every pair purchased, fashionABLE sets women up so they can contribute to their community and not become dependent on charity. You know how the saying goes: "Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish…"

The best part was, I was able to take home a scarf of my own. I got even luckier and jumped at the chance to pick a second piece, since one of the veteran volunteers had so many already and offered me hers. The second one is called the Alem scarf, and its soft strawberry pink fabric was the first one to catch my eye when I walked into headquarters.

Currently in college or still full of school spirit? fashionABLE just released a game day scarf line called Selam that's perfect for the upcoming fall football season. There are patterns for teams like Alabama, UGA, and LSU {and also the Gators…ugh}. Sadly, they don't have my alma mater's colors yet {Go Noles} but hopefully they'll be releasing some additional colors in the future. Take it from someone who has already seen many of the scarves in person - you'll want to get them before they're all gone. My boyfriend's family is big on UGA, so I'm tempted to grab this awesome black + red one.

If you're in the Nashville area, I highly recommend getting involved with fashionABLE. You can sign up to become an intern or a volunteer on their website. I'll definitely be doing it again.


the new bohemia

Ralph Lauren F/W 14
Jason Wu F/W 14 via NET-A-PORTER
A twist on florals from The Edit

The Edit, the weekly online fashion magazine of NET-A-PORTER, centered last week’s Aug 07 issue around the concept of Second Wave Bohemian. And it is gorgeous.

In the beginning of the issue, editor Jennifer Dickinson insists that there are two types of women: those who can pull off a bohemian look, or those who decidedly cannot. I think, with this new spin, there is a style for everyone.

Original bohemia was inspired by people who lived an alternative, artistic lifestyle and went against the status quo. I read a story about Effie Gray adorning her hair with foxgloves and wearing them to breakfast despite her husband’s protests. Obviously today many of us wear whatever we want despite what our significant others might think, but this wasn’t commonplace back then. Much more badass and significant than the flower crowns we can pick up for a few bucks at Forever 21, huh?

Those who previously adopted the bohemia look inspired by Jane Morris and the pre-Raphaelites usually rocked ditzy floral patterns, lots of voluminous peasant skirts and more crotchet than your grandma’s guest bedroom. And I’m not knocking it – my black peasant skirt will always be in rotation.

A modern day bohemian is less Olsen and more Patti Hansen. She prefers her florals on the darker side and pairs her flowy dress with a leather moto jacket and black boots. 

Plenty of F/W 14 collections show designers marrying leather with edgy floral motifs, like Jason Wu’s tough-luxe boots or Givenchy's leather biker jacket. I love the eighteenth-century botanical prints featured on Erdem’s ready-to-wear fall collection. Ralph Lauren describes his fall/winter collection as Southwest meets bohemian meets downtown cool, with grungy floral and plaid prints and evening wear taking on a slinky evening silhouette. {So. Much. Silver.}

It’s something cooler, edgier and sexier with a chic nonchalance. As much as I’ll miss lazy summer afternoons spent on my balcony, I almost can’t wait to bundle up.

The Edit shows off Givenchy's floral biker jacket and gives some styling suggestions


my favorite accessory trends

Who What Wear recently wrote an article about how to accessorize like a street star and highlighted their favorite trends spotted on influencers like Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller {who I love} and Hanneli Mustaparte {who I can't believe I just discovered today}. 

As the camera roll on my phone is filled with screenshots and images I've saved of my favorite street style looks, I thought I'd share four of my favorite accessory trends of the moment:


Modern Legacy

A.K.A. "the ugly shoe trend." These offensive slip-ons have sparked much a fashion debate. I actually love these shoes, and have never stopped mourning the loss of my treasured high school Birkenstocks, My parents couldn't believe I wanted such a clunky shoe, but alas, I was clearly years ahead of my time. These sandals make an outfit look effortless, unexpected and a bit boho. I especially love them when worn with socks, which brings me to the next trend that I love...

Socks + Shoes

A Love Is Blind

I think this trend is so playful and adds multiple textures to an outfit. Coordinate the sock pattern to your outfit, or add a bold touch of color to an otherwise monochromatic look. Whatever you choose to do, this is an accessory that makes any ensemble that much chicer. Somewhere, Robert Kardashian is laughing {I just discovered Arthur George makes socks for women. These red ones are actually cute}.

Clogs Clogs Clogs

Rachel Comey, Resort 2015

I don't know what it is. Maybe I'm just a fan of clunky shoes or unseemly footwear, but the moment I saw that these were becoming a thing again I felt my elementary-school self swoon. I adore that Style called it 'art-teacher chic.' It's a shoe that transitions from day to night, provides a contrast with lightweight summer fabrics and is the obvious choice when we start to bundle up for fall.

Head Scarves + Wraps

Song of Style

This is easily my go-to for when my hair is looking all kinds of crazy or when I want to tie an outfit together. I love it all: seventies-esque and down the back or retro-inspired knotted headwraps like this one from Forever 21 {I made mine using the leftover fabric from a dress I hemmed. I might post a tutorial, because it's super easy to make your own.}

What are you favorite accessories to play with at the moment?


hoot hoot

This outfit is essentially a college throwback. I love that slides have come back into style. I bought these sandals after becoming obsessed with wearing socks and sandals to the library for late-night study sessions {to brave those icy 50 degree Florida winters}. It makes me grieve the loss of my Birkenstocks from high school. I begged my mom for a vegan-friendly pair {you know, to go with my tie-dyed skirts and headscarves} and wore them nonstop until one mysteriously disappeared and the other became covered in what I can only think is toothpaste. No explanation.

The Hooters top is part of the restaurant's Friday uniform {"you dress down so we dress up"}, and I worked there for three months after a one-year stint at Ker's WingHouse {similar uniforms}. Judge all you want. I can spin on a barstool like a champ and have an easy Halloween costume every year. Like that one time I was a Dead Hooters Girl on a zombie bar crawl. In this photo, the boyfriend is a blind referee. A dead blind referee. I spent the evening making sure he didn't jokingly walk into traffic.

Overalls: Forever 21 | Shoes: Adidas Adissage Slide Sandal | Top: Old Hooters Uniform


go go gryffindor

I've come to the conclusion that I would make a terrible housewife.

At first, it was a novelty to have endless amounts of free time to get our new apartment together, figure out how not to burn fine-tune recipes and catch up on my reading {wow, that sounded very old to say}.

But now, after the ninth consecutive day of hearing my neighbors shout after their children while I yell at my own cats for mundane things, I've realized that daily household duties are the only thing I dislike about the 60s {that, and I finally finished my second run-through of Mad Men}.

Shooting and posting are definitely things I still need to work on, so the sunny side of the job search has been the amount of time I have to play dress-up. I've also re-watched all of the Harry Potter movies {granted, I do that even when I'm employed}, which inspired me to pull out these amazing leggings that Clay's sister gifted me for Christmas last year.

There's no doubt that I'm a Gryffindor at heart. I also can't believe that Safari just questioned the legitimacy of "Gryffindor" whilst typing just now…how rude.

Happy belated birthday, Harry!

Leggings: Etsy Sports Bra: C9 by Champion Shirt: Express {thanks boyfriend} Hat: Forever 21 {similar style} Lipstick: Laqa & Co. Lip Lube in Menatour {thanks Birchbox} Nail Polish: Essie Stylenomics


killing time + wasting film

Officially made the move to Nashville! I haven't started working yet, which has given me plenty of downtime to edit my closet and play dress-up for the camera. You've been warned:

LBD layered over a white shirt/dress {being tiny, I'm not sure which one it is}

I'm obviously a big fan of layering. Purple jumpsuit over a basic white tee.

Tucked a dress into a pair of trousers from Forever 21 for an interview outfit {without the hat, obvs}